Thursday, September 08, 2005


Greetings friends and fiends!
A new website has been added for the C.O.D.E. (Conference of Drama Evangelism).

It is a clearing house for information, registration and news. There is a schedule of all of the CODEs for 2006 and a way to register for each. Please notice that there is a new registration price and the earlier you register the lower the price!
So please preregister! (the price goes up by $5.00 per person 30 days before the event and another $5.00 if you register AT THE DOOR!) So start your planning now. As we get closer to the event more detailed info on each event will be posted.
Also, beginning in October there will be an ad in the 'Perspectives' magazine each month for a year! Praise the Lord!
Be sure to get October's issue as there will be an interview with Howi Tiller!
See ya next year!
Terry Vik


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