Thursday, October 06, 2005

::::::H O L Y G H O S T R A D I O:::::::::

Living for God today means more than just making sure you're at church on Sunday. It is about a passionate pursuit after God. It's about daily communion with the Creator of the Universe, where with every breath you breathe, in every way possible, everyday that you are alive, you are seeking His will for your life. It is not an '...all you have to do is say this prayer' lifestyle. Pursuing God is active - not passive. It's going to take work, but God promises that He will reward those who earnestly seek Him. Listen Live is designed to help you become someone who passionately pursues God. God knows you are never too young, neither too old to start digging your roots down deep, and this web site and Nationwide Broadcast is a good tool to help you do that. "


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