Friday, June 30, 2006

CODE WEST 06 - Pictures

The Quickening by Terry Vik

Rev Gaylen Cantrell as Ponder is "Quickened" to the Revelation of who Jesus Christ really is. Guide(Terry Vik) stands over the Skeptic (Rev Howi Tiller).

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C.O.D.E. West was incredible!

Several unique classes and additions to the teaching staff made this Conference Of Drama Evangelism a wonderful time!

Rev. John Thorsen taught puppetry and ventriloquism.
Jeff Wallenfelsz presented classes in Scene Painting, Set Design and Foam Sculpting
Susan Frost added her talents in Children's Musical Productions with a multitude of examples and helps.

Classes in Acting, Directing, Playwriting, Mime, Lighting, Stage Combat, Street Drama, Kid's Power Hour and much more filled in three days of wonderful training.

Thursday night's Drama Revue was so very powerful! The Spirit of the Lord fell mightily and the worship was intense.

Friday Evening was highlighted with the production of The Quickening! With Howi Tiller as Skeptic, Gaylen Cantrell as Ponder and Terry Vik as Guide. Both laughter and self examination was drawn out of the audience and another time of worship was experienced.

Saturday was capped with a beautiful portrayal of Paul in prison by Rev. Kelly Ventura. He quoted the entire book of II Timothy and drew us into the mind and emotions of the Apostle.

If you missed this CODE check out the website! There are a few still coming up in a city near you! Check back for more pictures, stories and testimonies about the incredible conference.
(Above is an excerpt from Terry Vik newsletter)

More pictures on the way!

Sunday, June 25, 2006



CODE WEST 06 was incredible. Noted as one/if not the BEST Revue Night EVER and the ROCK CHURCH Drama Department was chosen to help launch the event. (details later)


We met at the church on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30pm to leave at 3:00 on the dot... well, we didn't know at the time but our bus driver and Associate Director, Bro Brett Goodenough and Sis Belinda got a FLAT tire... Ahhhh! As the team waiting (im)patiently in the church foyer, Bro Lombardo took care of the necessary paperwork for permission slips, requesitions, and event coordination and thought he LOST a deposit... another AHHH! Searching the office and trying to retrace his steps, he thought, "DUH, let me check my briefcase one more time." Needless to say... it was in the little plastic baggie at the bottom of the bag. Bro and Sister Goodenough made it to the church, got the bus ready and was now 4:30 pm with a minimum 4 hours of travel time.
For the largest individual church group outside of the local Hanford group coming to CODE WEST, The Rock Church Drama Department of 33 cast members headed down the road with the mission in mind... "We just want to be used as a vessel of honor." in 104 degrees with the heater in the bus stuck on high with no air conditioning... Never-the-less we were too excited to get there in the "BIG BLUE TWINKIE"

The Blue Twinkie from the Rock Church Sacramento, CA
We made it to our hotel in Hanford after several phone calls to Bro. Tiller to coordinate the opening presentation of "The Presence of the Lord is Here". Bro. Tiller originally asked for 15 cast members to make this happen... but by the time we checked into our hotel rooms it was already 10:30 pm and we were excited, yet very exhausted. We agreed that we would get a good nights rest and practice the NEW song first thing in the morning and then again before Thursday Nights' Revue.
We hit the sack!

See more about Thursday....

Pictures on the way

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Getting Ready for CODE WEST 06

The Hotel is expecting us!

The Bus is ready!

Are you READY?

This year we are taking about 32 people from the Rock Church and every year it gets better and better.

I believe Thursday Night, we will be performing "ONE VOICE" written by Rev. Howi Tiller. He requested that we perform it that night. WOW!! What an honor... And we are EXCITED.

Here is the link to the SCHEDULE for CODE WEST06.

We are also working on 3 new pieces... What are they? Well, you just gotta come and see! Trust me, it will be awesome.

We have a great team this year with a lot of new younger "thespians" that are truly enthused to go. A lot of successful fundraisers with 1 to go and one "ON-Going".

We will leave on Wednesday, June 21st from the Rock Church at 3PM sharp. So if you are going... be there by 2:30PM. Also, make sure all paperwork is turned in with ALL of the fundraiser $$ to me.

We will return on Saturday, June 24 at approx. 7:30 PM or sooner.

GOD is blessing the Rock Church Drama Dept as we desire to be a blessing.

LORD, let us be a vessel to reach the lost through this ministry. In Jesus NAME!